Ford Motor Company Strike


Ford Motor Company has been in negotiations with UAW since July 2023. Effective 9/29/23 the UAW strike has impacted Ford Chicago assembly plant. As a result, DTS line U625 was impacted.

Day Shift DTS hourly employees assigned to U625 will be on temporary layoff effective 10/2/2023.

You’ll be required to file for unemployment with the UIA- Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency. Contact UIA (Marvin) at 1-866-500-0017 or visit their website to access or create an account.

DTS will ensure to notify the UIA of the temporary layoff for U625 and request a work waiver as well. UIA will determine eligibility for approval of unemployment. However, if you have vacation time available, you can submit your request for vacation time.

A text message will be sent to communicate updates on the strike, layoffs, and when you can return to work. You’ll be required to visit the DTS website and click on “news” for an update.

WFQ and Resource MFG staffing agencies will communicate with the temporary employees regarding layoffs and return to work status as well.

Please ensure your contact information is updated in ADP. If you’re unable to update your contact information in ADP. Please complete the personal data status change form and return it to HR.

Strike Memo 9-29-23