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Our Comfort Zone.

More than just manufacturing, we deliver high quality customer experiences with uncompromised focus on the details. From project management to supply chain management and launch leadership, we ensure each milestone is achieved on-time and on-target. Our empowered teams and “continuous improvement mindset/value”are never satisfied with the status quo. We take pride in elevating our performance with every new product challenge. Take comfort in knowing that the DTS team will contribute optimized value and exceptional quality to your next generation vehicle.

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Project Management

Project Management

Manufacturing excellence begins with teamwork and smart planning.

Our teams are trained to operate with discipline to proven processes that ensure projects are delivered to your satisfaction. Leading indicator metrics drive measurable improvements in quality, on-time delivery, materials management and manufacturing cost. Continuous communication and key milestone reviews keep customers and suppliers on the right track towards success.


Design for Manufacturing

Exceptional manufacturing quality begins with early focus on design.

Leveraging our advanced Quality Planning (APQP) Processes provides customers with expertise early in the engineering stage, to design in precision quality. Working together we can shape the best solutions to accomplish your craftsmanship goals, while maximizing product and manufacturing efficiencies. Our extensive knowledge will ensure that your next design will prevent redundancy , thereby eliminating waste while providing a superior final product.


Precision Manufacturing

With the perfect mix of vertical integration and supply chain collaboration, DTS ensures the most efficient value stream for your products.

From injection molding of structural HVAC components to installation of electronics, actuators and controls, complex modules are manufactured with precision and craftsmanship. A heritage in molding knowledge paired with state-of-the-art equipment allows us to meet your design specifications.


Lean Manufacturing

Continuous Improvement is a CORE VALUE and embedded in the culture of Detroit Thermal Systems.

From maintaining inventories at the lowest possible levels and evolving processes to reduce costs, such as state-of-the-art robotics, our operations teams deploy principles of lean manufacturing. We measure plant performance through balanced scorecard measurements and lean audits to assure continuous improvement goals deliver maximum value to our customers.


Quality Leadership

At DTS, our state-of-the-art equipment and advanced manufacturing processes leave nothing to chance.

We engage poka-yoke quality methods for error-proofing in all facets of our process to ensure safe and accurate placement of components and camera vision with tailored fixtures detects improper orientation. These are a few simple examples of the technology we utilize to ensure perfection in every step of our operation. DTS is recognized by Ford Motor Company as Q1, and also IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certified.


Supply Chain Management

Whether meeting the demands of peak industry volumes or delivering small niche runs, our supply chain management expertise allows us to meet real-time fluctuations in demand.

DTS systems and processes provide necessary material visibility across an extended chain of globally preferred suppliers. This reduces risk and improves collaboration needed for continuous uninterrupted delivery to customer schedules.


Satellite Manufacturing

At DTS we understand the major role that logistics plays in total cost management.

Through our affiliates enterprise, DTS access to extended manufacturing locations across North America can be leveraged to create the perfect blend of quality and close-proximity to your manufacturing facility.