Since the advent of the modern automobile, engineers have strived to maximize safety and fuel economy, while delivering tailored comfort with each new vehicle introduction. Detroit Thermal Systems contributes to each of these efforts, manufacturing a high-tech portfolio of efficient and personalized climate control systems. From efficient windshield defrost actuation for clean visibility, to economy modes that conserve power, DTS provides the perfect mix of innovation and manufacturing expertise. Our HVAC technologies deliver comfort and value to the world’s top automobiles.

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HVAC Components
  • Blower
  • Control Electronics
  • Air Filter
  • Expansion Valve
  • Orifice Tube
  • Evaporator
  • Heater Core

The drive motor and fan propels the air within the cabin through the HVAC system.

Control Electronics

Regulates the blower power and speed.

Air Filter

Cleanses the air of pollutants and helps prevent the windows from soiling.

Orifice Tube
+ Expansion Valve

The orifice tube expands the refrigerant and decreases its pressure. The expansion valve controls the drop in pressure of refrigerant evaporation and cold generation, the flow rate, and the output temperature.


Works for the cabin air conditioning to cool and dry the airflow entering the vehicle, reduces air humidity levels, and ensures efficient windshield demisting.

Heater Core

The heater core is an air/water exchanger using engine cooling coolant heat to increase the cabin temperature, and demist and defrost the windshields.



  • Multi-Zone Temperature Control

    Tailored multi-zone comfort for drivers and passengers at its best.

  • Air Treatment

    Delivering pure clean air with the latest filtration techniques designed to trap contaminants and allergens.

  • Brushless Blowers

    Units featuring brushless blower motors maximize airflow and reliability with infinite speed adjustment.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Using the latest eco-friendly cooling technologies.

  • Energy Efficient

    Providing economy and power when you need it, DTS HVAC units feature economy, full heat, Max A/C……. and anywhere in between.

  • Quality & Reliability

    DTS HVAC units are built to the highest craftsmanship and quality standards. In-process checks and testing assures each unit is performance built to specifications.